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Cattle Lina sell pattern jelly earn big money

because of their love to eat, coupled with such resources, so they decided to engage in such a business, such a business case is very much, the hero of this article Newlina also embarked on such entrepreneurial path. This year 25 year old Lina likes to eat snacks, especially jelly, but because of fear of fat, always eat very unhappy. After graduation, she worked as a salesman at a food store in Zhengzhou, and found that there were a lot of customers who had similar "sweet troubles". Lina thought it would be nice if the jelly was sugary and healthy. As a result, she started from her hometown of seaweed jelly, invented a series of delicious pattern jelly, popular market.

hometown delicious seaweed jelly

cattle Lina home in the Shandong sea, the local villagers put out from the bottom of the seaweed cleaning, after drying, like boiled meat like seaweed made of seaweed jellied meat, put cool. In addition to their own to eat, but also to the seaside to sell to tourists. Due to the algae algae body cell space filled with jelly, no pollution and low fat content, taste is good, popular in the local. This is a kind of food people in Qingdao, Dalian, Weihai and other coastal areas for generations to eat. Thought of here, Niu Lina very excited: if the cool import market, that sell like jelly, is full of delicious food, and avoid eating jelly caused obesity problems, will certainly be welcomed by the people!


analysis, she had a bold idea: cool is a kind of fast food, should be like in the home of the sea as now sell! In April 2005, Lina opened the shop in Zhengzhou, Tongbai Road, near a large supermarket, there are several colleges and technical schools. She rented a store of more than a dozen square meters, the purchase of a refrigeration display can be made, but also to Weihai to do the necessary seaweed powder.

is now selling cold cool people love

taking into account the Central Plains people like to drink porridge, the beginning, she put the rice or rice, millet, corn, boiled, according to a certain proportion of production of raw materials adding cool seaweed powder, sodium cyclamate, cooled in the cooling showcase, made similar cool "jelly porridge".

store quickly attracted the attention of passers-by, especially young men and women. The pursuit of romantic college students, found that such a frozen house after the porridge, and soon became a group of regulars here.

see jelly porridge is very popular, cattle Lina to take into account the real cool. She first went online to find a number of jelly mold manufacturers, and then began to design a number of heart-shaped, and cute and simple flowers, birds, fish and other shapes of the mold. After the mold is made, she began to add a variety of cool jelly in the jelly house.

has been carefully crafted, and Lina, like advertising, puts some pretty cool, cool fruit on the stage

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