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Business is always full of energy

now has a lot of shopkeepers, in the business is really very busy, and full of energy. But once the shop business is not good, the whole person’s mood is wrong, not a bit of energy, store business is getting worse. In fact, if you want to do business, it is always full of energy. In short, do not be afraid to do business, the busier the more busy, the more busy the more money, the more busy the more motivated. Once the idle business is not good to do, they feel at a loss, physical and mental exhaustion, that money is difficult to earn, so frustrated, I really want to close the door. This kind of negative emotion will make the business worse and more customers.

some time ago in the off-season business, I thought, anyway, the off-season, but also can not earn much money, business enthusiasm was low. The store’s health is not a good cleaning, the shelves of goods placed in disorder and too lazy to organize, the lack of goods are not timely replenishment. On one occasion, a customer to buy a bottle of chili sauce, obviously there are goods in the warehouse, I said no goods, too little money, simply shirk. Over time, the customer feel I shop goods are not complete, so they have to run across the street to a supermarket to buy goods, the loss of a lot of customers. But I am still self consolation, are some of the money to do business, not to sell some goods does not matter.

until one day, the supplier urged me to pay the loan, I found that this time the turnover is not enough to pay the loan. Inventory warehouse, there are a lot of fast selling goods are also in the warehouse backlog, shelf life has been more than half, I was in a panic, if you continue this way, really close to the door to leave the day is not far away. It is too late, I can’t allow competitors to see my jokes.

my immediate action, conscientiously clean store hygiene, put all the goods rubbed 10% don’t dye, the goods supplement in, goods neatly placed, not too small business, even one yuan for sale, also smiling hospitality, enthusiastic service. Not too long, my business has gradually improved, the loss of customers came back, if you do not pull back the tourists, the upcoming Spring Festival business opportunities will be greatly reduced. Business can not be careless, the competition was fierce, the slightest mistake, put their own to lose, also do not know what it is.

do business must be serious, serious and not serious effect is completely different. Good attitude, everything will become sunny. The sheep have run away, make new born. The Spring Festival is coming, this is the year of the festival, as a retail, well ahead of plan to the preparatory work of the spring festival.

one is to find out the inventory of the warehouse. Register carefully, find out the real situation, make a delivery plan, which the goods in which the goods should not enter, be aware of the reasonable use of funds, do not blindly the backlog of funds, can we grasp the opportunities the spring festival.

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