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Dalian more than 80 new business incubator platform

in recent years more and more people will start to hang in the mouth, the first pot of gold into the market to the lofty ideals and high aspirations of their own in the tide. But entrepreneurship is not just difficult to talk about it, the lack of funds and experience so that entrepreneurs are difficult, so a variety of business incubator came into being.

10 18, Dalian city Shahekou District liberation square venture (incubation) public training center on the first floor of the public record space · business. "Gathered a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, or shows their own entrepreneurial projects, or to sell their products on display or to seek suitable partners. Venture to start a few months, every weekend, there will be a large number of people here to share ideas, seek cooperation.

"similar words entrepreneurship" such incubation platform, this year the rapid development in Dalian. Up to now, the city’s more than 140 kinds of entrepreneurial incubator platform, which added a new year of more than and 80. As the "green train hackerspaces", "a dream factory", "back story" and a number of distinctive characteristics of the business incubator, Dalian has become a hit off the cradle of dream.

Incubation Platform burst of vitality, cannot do without the support of the government guidance. At the beginning of this year, Dalian introduced policies to encourage the construction of business incubator platform, the highest level of municipal incubator platform can enjoy 2 million yuan subsidy, the city’s entrepreneurial mentor can receive up to $10 thousand per year subsidy. A number of industry leaders, business innovation and investment institutions and other social forces to become the main force in the development of business incubator platform. Ganjingzi District in 2015 6 new business incubator platform, all from private capital.

"now the incubation base, is no longer a single mode provides an office room, a capital subsidy, but in the early stage of creative began to play a whole chain, the whole process accompany role." Dalian City People Club bureau Party committee deputy secretary Di Shujun said that the role of the government is activated through the site, funds and talents of all kinds of elements, let the complementary resources of entrepreneurial team cooperation, sharing of resources, ecosystem construction of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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