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Domestic apparel brands in the future unlimited potential

many years ago, we only know that Nike, Adidas these sports clothing, along with the rise of domestic sports brand, forming a huge investment market, domestic sports brand, the equivalent of joining a future trend, but also contribute to domestic brands!

A walk in the two or three line of the city’s streets to

, we see more and more local consumer brands. In addition to Anta, XTEP, 361, Lining and other sports apparel brand, Yashi and CABBEEN have also to George · Armani and Zegna brand challenge.

these originally in more than a decade ago, Western brands play the role of outsourcing manufacturing factories, slowly began to establish their own brand of independent innovation. Although the degree of innovation needs to be strengthened, the laws of nature are slowly broken.

"fish" to "countryside surrounding the city", from the two or three line of the city of "big fish" to swallow surrounded. Now you will find that you can buy almost no good clothes with a famous brand price. If the design innovation has been strengthened, then the rise of local clothing brand is really not far away.

from far inferior to, to surpass on an equal footing, the development of domestic sports brand is rapid, it has accumulated rich experience for the brand, now is the best time to the field of investment!


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