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Analysis of the advantages of joining steak

good restaurant brands to create natural and ultimately backed by strong support, but also natural and ultimately the professional team, catering franchise brand in France with steak, belonging to the Beijing jinau Hengfeng International Catering Management Co. Ltd consists of the industry’s top talents, professional team with steak and laid a solid foundation in Chinese realize the ambition.

The highest mission

France forever don’t too with passenger service customer needs, to create maximum value for customers. We think: "Each performs its own functions., only those who can not" spare no effort to create real value for customers, and achieve a win-win situation in the process of creating value, this is the "Zuo" mission.

services, strategic innovation, tireless pursuit of perfection;; development of big industry, world without end! Will do great things like cooking a small fish, details, pragmatic, serious work attitude is our style. The development of the guest steak is based on the pursuit of almost every day of the harsh pursuit of perfection, and constantly go beyond the self, to achieve sustainable development.

analysis of the advantages of joining


management advantage

group management mode of operation, the whole computer tracking, the company uses the most advanced international EPR latest management software, fast track scanning, automatic UnionPay payment system.

strategic alliance advantage

in the industry, and the joint development of different enterprises.

features packaging

according to different seasons, different holiday custom packaging.

nanny – managed cooperative

A, partners can operate independently, the headquarters will have regular professional training guidance, only need to pay management fees.

B, the partners can also choose the headquarters of the entire hosting mode, you only need to invest, commissioned by the company fully operational.

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