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Cloud meal bridge rice noodle join details

food and beverage brands are everywhere, in our eyes rice noodle has become one of the indispensable snack food in our daily life. Method for making vermicelli looks very simple, but this does not mean that the delicacy delicious vermicelli can easily get meals catering to join the cloud! (brand) raw material is pure, high quality rice noodle and spring is refined, high quality pig and chicken bone soup simmered sauce, with nearly 30 kinds of high-quality spices by 6 processes refined taste, perfect fusion, not only taste good, is conducive to good health, has the effect of beauty, health, longevity, suitable for many consumer tastes. So how to join it?

cloud meal to join the introduction of rice vermicelli bridge

cloud meal bridge joining conditions:

1. has a pragmatic and enterprising spirit, have a certain business background and experience, entrepreneurial spirit;

2. honest and trustworthy, with a strong sense of teamwork, able to get along with people, pay attention to the coordination of relations;

3. has a certain start-up funds, a good financial credit;

4. has a good social reputation and entrepreneurial determination, dedicated to business, willing to cloud meals as their cause.

cloud meal bridge rice noodle join advantage:

1, unified brand national chain:

franchisees are free to use the "cloud meal" brand trademark, the name of the right to use the full set of brand image, unified design, unified store decoration store promotional items, such as thousands of stores, so that investors enjoy the brand’s strong market appeal.

2, the entire store output easy opening:

cloud meal the whole store output, for franchisees, including store decoration, operations, products, sales, training and other aspects of publicity services, enhance market competitiveness and sustained profitability.

3, follow the guidance of business worry free:

signed from the shop to the management, cloud meal headquarters will be full support, arrange professional staff, regular telephone guidance to solve the various problems in the operation, to eliminate the worries of franchisees.

4, logistics and distribution fast and accurate:

in order to ensure the normal operation of franchisee stores, cloud meal bottom material distribution can be received within 7 days.


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