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2016 college entrance examination volunteer trouble a good school Good professional

2016 years of college entrance examination results have been identified, whether happy or sad, this is no way to change things, for the majority of candidates, then facing the college entrance examinations is still a big problem. If the score is high enough, all naturally not the problem, but if the result is at a position in an awkward position, you need to make the college entrance examination work.

after the college entrance examination, students are still not easy, because they have a problem, namely, completing the college entrance examination. The idea that the candidates, the importance of completing the college entrance examination is no less important than the college entrance examination, both to consider the interests, but also to consider the employment prospects, etc., will be wrong to choose the wrong line".

school and professional, candidates fill in the voluntary reporting of the two main options. So who is more important? Some people say that a good school is not as good as a professional". This argument has some rationality. The University selected professional engaged in the industry and decided the future income level to a certain extent, and even some famous university graduates, because do not enter a high income industry may also become low-income.

, however, the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion. As long as we work hard to work in the process of struggle, to fight, whether or not to become a leader in the industry, will be decent and dignity. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, there is competition in any industry, even into the high-income industry, it is possible to face some risks and pressures. In high-income groups in the industry, there will always be some drag.

this is a time of change. Every day there may be a great invention, whenever and wherever possible may have significant news; an industry today, tomorrow may fall into the bottom rash and too much in haste. Life is diverse, the world is changeable, which determines that there is nothing in the world can determine the whole life. Which is more important in school and professional, but a relative concept.

choose school or professional? Different people have different answers. For every student, really important, they are in the entire college career is hard enough or wasted time, is to develop the ideal and act according to plan or muddle along without any aim through the University time.

in the choice of schools and professional on this matter, students can follow their own interests, not to cater to the present society in the high income industry, obedient heart to find their own ideals and goals in a pleasant time. The decision to get a sense of life, after all, not only the income of this one, but also the embodiment and Realization of personal value, but also their own pride and persistence.

tips, it is recommended that the college entrance examination in the volunteer stage can be determined to adapt to their own professional, to avoid the trend to choose popular professional. Recommended

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