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Do not buy food and beverage shop to make money

in recent years, a lot of people like to buy, restaurant owners in order to attract customers, but also began to get involved in buying, but in fact, to buy food for the restaurant, is a loss of money just cry, do not make money.

I is a restaurant in the catering industry veteran, has more than 15 years, from the clerk, manager, operations, planning, marketing, until their own business, now also have small achievements. The most impressive is the Internet circle, feeling confused, it is easy to learn. Now I share my experience with you.

coupon ceiling

my formal access to the Internet in about 2006. At that time, the public comment coupon business. At that time I was in a chain store operations, the public comment salesman found me. I think this is quite new, so soon signed the contract began to try. In the first two years, it really did bring us a lot of guests by downloading coupons.

I also found a problem, the customer came to dinner, first asked the waiter, "what is your preference? "Oh, sir, we have, you can go to the public comment to download coupons, meals can be reduced by 30 yuan." Take it, the hand of 30 yuan so lost. But if the waiter is silent until the customer found, will say that this restaurant is not authentic. The meal was reduced by 30 yuan, customers get a discount, the next meal if you do not reduce the $30, they may not come. The customer is such by "spoiled"!

group purchase "abnormal"

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