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Hand cake brand investment

stalls your opponent grasping cake impression how, anyway, very small love this special snack, I recently bought dozens of our breakfast hand grasping cake. Let’s get together and get a cake!

hand grasping cake formerly known as onion cake, originated in Taiwan, china. 2004 was discovered in Taiwan night market and in 2005 formally introduced from Taiwan to the mainland. Fresh baked after grasping cake, one hundred thousand layer stack layer, such as tissue, hands, face silk thousand even, the outer layer is golden and crisp, soft and white, a green onion and gluten fragrance Pubi come, let everyone to wait for, grab and eat. Now is a very characteristic snacks, a lot of people want to choose this business, entrepreneurship is a lot of choice to join, then what good brand?.

hand cake brand investment introduction

1, Ali Mountain hand cake

investment amount: 1-5 million

Ali hand cake brand was founded in 2006, in being accepted as a member of the Chinese Franchise Association, Shanghai Association of chain business, Ali hand cake company also passed and became one of the first Chinese business franchise record companies, and achieved a "national industrial products production license". Then, in the business media 2008 annual franchise brand potential in the selection of the high ticket to win, and included in the potential of the top 50 among the top 50.

Ali hand cake headquarters will regularly launch new dishes and technology upgrades available to all business partners, so that all business partners can get upgrade Everfount technology and update support, improve the market competitiveness of each partner store. Collective hey, stop eating delicious, wanted to earn money, is back! Teach one to understand and learn, the standardized operation, as long as according to the program, can make the same delicious snack! Maxivista, model shop practice, combining theory and practice, the end of the training, you can go home the shop is open, make money! Rich series, three generation consumer group, super clean bench, not afraid of no money, afraid shop is slow! Join to make money, it is important to support the enterprise, good, come and see, keep up with the good enterprise, can earn a lot of money. As long as the procedures, we can make the same delicious fast food!

2, brother hand cake

investment amount: 5-10 million


brothers hand cake Shijiazhuang brothers Catering Management Limited has launched a brand, the company was founded in 2008, after years of innovation and development, to subvert the traditional snacks exquisite styling, innovative giant snacks, shape of the funny fashion, more abundant stuffing ingredients, big snack of a lot of market.

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