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Xinjiang to strengthen the protection of the development of education employment and promote economi

After the material life level of

has been satisfied, people pay more attention to education, but also found that the education of the hidden benefits. Speeding up the development of education is not only an important guarantee for promoting employment and improving people’s livelihood, but also an important support for economic development. In recent years, the development of education in Xinjiang, Akesu in the first place, and constantly increase investment, integration of resources, innovative initiatives for the sustainable development of the local economy provides a strong intellectual security.

class teacher, Xinjiang Aks Vocationl and Technical College Department of Textile Engineering I Maria · buy said: "just now we do together through the test, we all finished?" "Done." This is the Department of textile engineering at Aks Vocationl and Technical College. Because most of the students in the class are from rural areas, the level of Chinese is not very good, in order to make students better grasp of the Chinese, the school hired a bilingual ability of the teacher to teach Chinese in the school, after 3 months of study, students’ Chinese level has been significantly improved.

17 year old Nur Biyamu · Abdullah, after graduating from junior high school, choose Aks Vocationl and Technical College textile major, during the three years of study, her tuition and accommodation fee is free, after graduation, but also in the textile industrial city Akesu employment. Nur Biyamu · Abdullah said: "I love the textile profession, in this school, learning here to stay for dinner is free, I find a job after graduation."

to vigorously promote the Xinjiang textile and apparel "million employment project", in March this year, Akesu Prefectural Administrative Office raise funds about 80000000 yuan, in the textile industrial city of Akesu established the Aks Vocationl and Technical College Department of textile engineering and Akesu textile and clothing industry training center, more than six months after the operation, there are 480 students in the textile and garment enterprises with post internship.

currently has more than 1000 college students in Aks Vocationl and Technical College Department of textile engineering, Institute of textile and garment enterprises "hired skilled craftsmen to carry out training operations, the annual transport more than 1000 industrial workers for the local textile and garment enterprises, enterprises in the park to solve the difficult problem of employment.

Xinjiang Akesu District Education Bureau deputy director Yang Hongjun said: "we put the schools to the park, also can through the students’ practice and training, familiar with enterprise operation mode, but also for the employment of students, laid the foundation for better employment, and also to solve the enterprise recruitment difficult, difficult problem of employment."

in addition to vocational education, higher education in Akesu has shown a gratifying development. In 2015, Akesu Prefectural Administrative Office of the situation, high starting point planning, generous operation, founder of the Institute of science and technology Xinjiang University Akesu campus, and achieved the recommended construction

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