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Retail selling cigarettes for customer need to change the concept of Business

now there are a lot of shopkeepers are just standing on their own point of view, some goods are not ideal under the circumstances of the sale will not find customers. In fact, every day we have to face all kinds of customers, some customers like the heavy taste of cigarettes, while others prefer a light taste of some of the brand, which requires us to make the best comprehensive on the stock.

A lot of people around

often worry about the cultivation and sale of low tar cigarettes, they do not understand the low tar cigarettes, but do not know which part of the customer to sell. At first, I also had a backlash against low tar cigarette, but through the guidance of account manager and my efforts, now, I shop more and more varieties of low tar cigarette, "Zhongnanhai", "Jiao", "Nanjing" low tar specifications are good sell quantity, low tar specifications from the previous week one or two, to now ten. My experience is this:

one is to change the concept, what the customer needs, we should buy what. Many shopkeepers only to some of the best-selling brand of interest, lack of awareness of low tar cigarette, that customers buy low coke smoke less, not much profit to the store, so or not, or is too lazy to list, too lazy to sell. This, of course, can not meet customer demand, it is bound to affect sales, profit.

two is to y understand the characteristics of each low tar cigarettes. Low tar, low damage and light taste are the most notable characteristics of low tar cigarettes. We must master the low tar cigarette knowledge, understand each of the low tar products store process and characteristics, so as to when to introduce customers to the mouth, for the customer to publicize the "low tar, health" concept, to bring the best low tar cigarette do a good summary, print out to customers.

three is to identify the customer. To find the right customers and promote sales is the key. We can find a market from customers "complaints", such as the customer said "my voice is not how to do, say" I don’t want to smoke cigarettes but to socialize Taichong, suck ", we can follow the beauty of their words about low tar cigarette, soft lingering entrance light ah ah, and so on. This can be said to the customer’s mind, causing the customer’s favor.

and general customers are women, love light taste a little sign, also sell low tar cigarette, for young customers who love the new adventures, see if they choose not to their love of the brand, can be handed a box of low tar cigarette, naturally introduce a few of the smoke of the good, also can arouse their attention and love.

customers have nothing to do with it? Countless new customers are not from scratch? So, for retail store owners, if you want to sell cigarettes, want to make their own customer groups are more large, you need to change the concept of mining more loyal customers, >

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