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Zhou Zhenjie grew up in a city step by step to adhere to the rural entrepreneurial dream

although there are a lot of entrepreneurs, however, for a child growing up in the city, after graduating from university has chosen rural entrepreneurship investors, this is still a lot of people by surprise, and this is Zhou Zhenjie’s choice. An outsider, Zhou Zhenjie is an alternative". As a graduate of Zhejiang University of agriculture and forestry, the other students in the class after graduation in enterprises and institutions to work, only he did not work on the day of the class, to the rural contracted orchards. It is interesting that he grew up in the city, never do farm work.

saw Zhou Zhenjie, 25 years old, he was driving a pickup truck, wearing glasses, wearing a T-shirt, from the appearance is not like a farmer. He contracted more than and 120 acres of land in the village of Haining Ma Street, set up a lot of fruit and horticultural field, fights for the dream.

goes to the farm gate

5 this morning when I got up, the hot weather, the farm should be as early as possible." Zhou Zhenjie said. Venture 3 years, Zhou Zhenjie after getting up every day the first thing is to look at their own acres of orchards in the more than and 120. Pear trees planted in that year, has blossomed, more than a month to sell. Look at the fruit grew up, Zhou Zhenjie’s heart every day is sweet, in modern agriculture of his confidence, a day than a day.

Zhou Zhenjie grew up in Haining City, parents are ordinary workers. In 2006, Zhou Zhenjie entered the Zhejiang agricultural and Forestry University, became a student of the school of biological science.

2010, Zhou Zhenjie graduated from University, is facing enormous employment pressure. Want to find a professional counterparts work is not easy, do business risk is big." Zhou Zhenjie said.

see around a relative engaged in agricultural cultivation, the benefits are good, Zhou Zhenjie had the idea: when a grower.

parents think the child is just a spur of the moment. Zhou Zhenjie said: I read the agriculture and forestry professionals, only to the countryside, in order to better play my professional skills."

in his insistence, the parents agreed to let him go to the countryside to break through, and in the start-up funds to help.

2010 at the end of the year, Zhou Zhenjie contracted more than and 120 acres of land in the village of Ma Street, began the road of entrepreneurship.

rooted farm

with the land, what kind of? Zhou Zhenjie planted 20 acres of eggplant, eggplant first price 2 yuan per catty, sell well. Unexpectedly, then the eggplant prices plummeting, per kilogram price fell to 4 cents, including labor costs, the cost of gasoline, and then sell it not make the anti money. More than and 10 acres of eggplant can do? There is no way to recommend

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