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Chongqing Employment Bureau held a number of recruitment

after the end of the Spring Festival, people have entered the work of the state, but for the majority of job seekers to find suitable jobs, so that they can work better, also can make enterprises to absorb more and more talents to join, let the enterprise strength has improved, more convenient people of Chongqing.

reporter at the scene saw the recruitment desk, nearly 70 of all enterprises in the county and county departments are lined up, to come to the consultation, seeking to register people working in all surrounding the consultation stage.

"you guys do this? I want to help my child register, he read the police academy." At the consulting desk of a property company, Mr. Shi has filled out a form for his son, Shi Aihua. Organized such a job fair, convenient for us to find a job." Mr. Shi said.

held a variety of recruitment fairs, so that people can find their own work, to the enterprise and job seekers face to face communication opportunities, is conducive to better development of enterprises. According to the Chongqing Bureau of employment market, ran Hong Jing introduction, in addition to annually held two or three large-scale job fairs, the bureau also regularly send jobs to the township and other activities.

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