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Two jewelry stores location Analysis

two jewelry store investment threshold is low, good business prospects, investment business can be a lot of. If you want to survive this kind of shop, you need to do a good job site. This kind of shop if open to the senior commercial building is certainly unrealistic, so businesses need to combine its actual situation to do the site analysis.

join one of two jewelry stores location what about? Two jewelry store success and location close.

the location of shops, can survive; management right, the shop can be prosperous. Site is qualitative change, and the operation is quantitative, the location of the first success in order to have a successful business. If the store location is congenitally deficient, other departments are strong powerless.


peripheral status: focusing on the investigation of convenience stores around the free market, street entertainment, is not a commercial or residential area concentrated area, these factors affect the choice of shops convenience stores.

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