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Kiko Casilla, sanctioned with 8 matches for a racist act

first_imgAnyway, Kiko Casilla has not said goodbye to the season yet. In the absence of eleven games for the conclusion of the championship, it is time to play the last appointments. The Leeds, at least in the first instance, will not take measures beyond those imposed by the FA against him. So far, at least, it was an indisputable and added all the possible titles in the Championship.Leeds statementLeeds United has issued a statement, in which it assumes the sanction imposed on its player, although he continues to believe in his innocence. “We want to make it clear that we do not tolerate any form of discrimination within our club and that we are the first to fight discrimination within our community, “he says, and then throw his defense:”It is important to recognize that Kiko has always denied making those racist comments. The FA has based its decision on the probability instead of proving that he is guilty beyond any doubt, which we always thought the burden of proof is the most appropriate“. Kiko Casilla has been severely sanctioned with eight games and about 70,000 euros in fine for delivering racist insults to Jonathan Leko, Charlton player. That happened in a Leeds game, last September 28. The goalkeeper denied it vigorously, but the FA Cup ignored his allegations and sentenced him to a sanction that not only affects him on the sports plane, but also in his professional future.The former Real Madrid has been accused of violating Rule E3 of the FA, which he considers racist insults as an “aggravated violation.” Leeds, in his day, came out in defense of Kiko Casilla, issuing a note informing that the player had not pronounced such words. In any case, the committee has decided to impose the minimum penalty, which could have reached 12 matches. John brooks, referee of that confrontation between Charlton and Leeds, he acted ex officio and was the one who informed the FA that he had heard racist insults from Casilla. The procedure brought together lip readers and Spanish interpreters to elucidate what exactly the goalkeeper said. Thus, the sanction responds to an investigation that has been a matter of months and that firmly punishes the alleged act of the Spanish international.last_img

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