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Govt now only have responsibility to administer routine business (Pt 2)

first_imgDear Editor,The leader of the opposition and other opposition parties, will also have the responsibility of advancing their election campaign work in a manner that ensures that there is peace and harmony in our country. At the same time, the Guyana Election Commission has the mandate and responsibility to deliver ‘Free and Fair’ Elections.It is not surprising that the fallen Government now seems to be adopting a posture of non-cooperation while suggesting the need for review. The fact is that they were caught ‘pants down’ advancing their wicked vendetta ways. This APNU/AFC coalition must therefore do the right thing and resign; dissolve Parliament and fix the date for the 2019 Regional and National Elections. While it is expected that there will be discussions with Government and the main opposition in finalising these timelines, the process must be without delay in the interest and welfare of citizens and the country at large.The bureaucracy created by this coalition Government must not continue. In keeping with standard elections related legislation and policy, the Government cannot spend money on any new projects and continue living a lavish big life, to the detriment of the working class. All of the overindulged extravagance must stop and only basic spending must be incurred. Importantly, the main opposition, the international community and citizens will be watching.It is anticipated that GECOM must and will hit top-gear in finalising the necessary arrangements to conduct a ‘Free and Fair’ Elections. Coming off the recent Local Government Elections (LGE) should be advantageous to the necessary preparations, as the recent experiences would have served as self-warming appetizer of the requirements to be upheld and the adjustments that must be made.Among the critical issues is the preparation of the voters’ list. Given the millions of dollars recently spent on the ten continuous registration for the successful 2018 LGE, GECOM needs to state its readiness. Importantly, all Political Parties will have to ensure that the 2019 Elections are conducted in a ‘Free and fair’ manner by giving extra keen scrutiny to the process.Recently, the public and other stakeholders have had serious questions about accountability and transparency at the GECOM Secretariat. It is therefore very urgent and necessary that imminent personalities from prominent International organisations are invited to look over the preparation and conduct of the 2019 Elections.As the time of writing this column, information received indicated that many Government officials are attempting to ship fraudulently obtained monies overseas by the suitcases. Keen scrutiny must be given by the opposition. Further, this column supports the call for the immediate resignation of the President and Cabinet.We look forward to the PPP/C selecting their Presidential Candidate and wish to state that the expectations are high for total unity in the opposition’s camp.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img

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