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SN Brussels Sued for over US$1M Damages

first_imgAfter failing to account for several items belonging to Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh, SN Brussels Airlines, one of the leading commercial airlines operating in the country, has been taken to the Civil Law Court and sued to pay US$1,012,010 in damages.In his Action of Damages for Wrong filed in court, lawyers representing Kanneh are demanding that SN Brussels Airline be held liable to pay US$12,010 as special damages and US$1,000,000 as general damages for the “inconveniencies, serious embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish the defendant’s action has caused him to the extent that he cannot interact freely with his friends and other relatives.”Kanneh’s lawyers also asked the court to award their client punitive damages in any amount it would deem necessary for the airline’s wrongful handling of his luggage.Some of the missing items in the luggage, according to the plaintiff, include a Samsung HTC and Black Beret phone, several items of clothing, drugs and medical material, as well as, watches, and camera.The suit alleges that on July 18, 2015, Kanneh, who is an employee of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), decided to take his annual vacation last year in the United States, where he would spend time with his family, relatives and friends.Based on that, he went to the management of SN Brussels and purchased a round trip ticket that would afford him the opportunity to travel to the US and back to Liberia.After staying a few weeks in the US, Kanneh chose to return home to resume work at UNMIL.Unfortunately, on August 4, after Kanneh disembarked from Flight 124 at the Roberts International Airport, he alleged that he was told that one of his luggages could not be located.He was also informed by the airline that his luggage may have been placed on another flight and was therefore told by the company to give them a few days to check with other connecting flights to see if his luggage would be identified.According to the court record, Kanneh agreed because some of the items in the missing luggage were belongings of other people who went to his house to take delivery of their properties sent by their relatives residing in the US.The document further alleged that after several calls and conversations, on August 13, Cllr. Kanneh was informed by one Benedict, who was then designated representative of the airline, to fill out a Baggage Inventory Form and to make a full listing of the items that were contained in the luggage.In compliance with Benedict’s request, Kanneh alleged, he listed the items in the missing bag.Besides, the records alleged the management of SN Brussels advised Kanneh to do a formal complaint to the Customer Relations Section of the airline, which he did.While waiting for a response, Konneh claimed that he sent several letters as reminders to the company, but unfortunately he did not receive any positive result. Instead, the airline promised that they were still looking into the matter.“Some of the items contained in the missing luggage belong to other people who have written our client expressing their disgust and questioning his hard earned reputation, which he built over the years,” the lawyers stated in their suit, adding “he received several letters from owners of some of the missing items also expressing dissatisfaction over the manner in which our client was handling the issue of their items that were entrusted into the care of Kanneh.”“No matter how much explanation he gives, people are still doubting him saying that he has converted those items into his personal use and is only trying to give frivolous excuse or cover-up stories to lie on the airline,” the lawyers said in their lawsuit.Therefore, the lawyers said the action of the SN Brussels management has caused serious injury to his reputation and embarrassment to his character as a lawyer and statesman to the extent he is unable to move freely, because everywhere he goes, especially among his friends and relatives, people would ask him about their missing items.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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