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CDC experts advise beware of all kinds of infectious diseases in autumn

Into the fall, the rapid temperature change, sooner or later, a large temperature difference, the incidence of infectious diseases season. The most common respiratory infectious diseases, intestinal infectious diseases are also prone to seasonal rebound. In order to survive "an eventful year", the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention experts remind the masses: to focus on the prevention of infectious diarrhea, influenza, foot and mouth disease, hepatitis and dysentery.

in order to prevent infectious diseases, the provincial CDC medical experts remind: to control "disease from the mouth of the entry, usually pay attention to food hygiene, wash, do not drink water to drink boiling water, do not eat unclean fruits and vegetables and rotten food, not energy gluttony, eat some vitamin rich foods. Try to avoid public places, especially crowded places, during the epidemic. Healthy people or close contacts who can take root, vitamin C and other prevention. Strengthen physical exercise, maintain a good state of mind, influenza vaccination is an effective way to prevent. (author: Li Xin)


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