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North District attaches great importance to the work of the provincial inspection teams feedback sug

North District attaches great importance to the provincial inspection teams feedback opinions and suggestions, decompose the task to implement the responsibility to lead the party secretary pay close attention to the opinions and suggestions of the rectification work, to ensure that the provincial inspection teams corrective feedback results.
A, the establishment of institutions, strengthen the leadership. In April last year, the provincial first inspection team on the work of my district focused inspections. After the provincial inspection team office in writing to the 3 aspects of the inspection team put forward opinions and suggestions made by the masses of the 13 aspects of feedback. From the provincial inspection office of "feedback" on the North District of Xining city to inspect the situation after the North District in the party’s ruling ability construction, cadre team construction, healthy economic and social development and social harmony and stability of the opinions and suggestions of inspection teams rectification work into the district team attaches great importance to the important schedule, seminar held a standing committee the meeting, set up by the party secretary of the leader, deputy secretary, deputy mayor in charge of deputy head, the relevant responsible departments and units of the main leaders for the rectification work leading group members, responsible for the whole service to daily tracking supervision, to ensure that the opinions and suggestions from the implementation of the rectification.
two, plan, implement the responsibility. In order to ensure the successful completion of the rectification task, to achieve tangible results, formulated the "provincial inspection group visited feedback on the proposed plan" submitted to the division of responsibilities, the Standing Committee study, by district office, district government office issued in the name of responsibilities to the relevant departments and units, the general requirements, the rectification rectification work principles, objectives and requirements methods, steps and measures, request the responsible unit in accordance with the rectification of the content, the time limit for rectification, rectification goals, rectification measures four clear requirements itemized rectification and reform implementation.

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