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Experience sharing entrepreneurs to endure loneliness

entrepreneurial success is not an overnight thing, to go through a lot of things. Entrepreneurs in the business process to be able to endure loneliness, to keep busy. Time waits for no one, the market waits for no one, any detail is what we need to pay attention to.

any details, we should be strict with themselves, overtime is common, the key is to have a person often work overtime, you will give up all kinds of leisure and entertainment, hobbies have love, alone in the lonely, PPT, prototype and flowcharts alone to find their own fun. I believe that any product manager, whether entrepreneurial or not, has experienced such a process. What are the deep sea, and strive to the dawn. 30 40 no regrets, no regrets, do not regret the choice, I believe every choice in the Internet Product Manager classmates don’t regret it.

of course there is not a single product, any product needs to combine the product business logic and process. So there is a very important thing is to clarify the functional requirements of the product business logic and process to determine. At this point, we may need to process a snapadoo Brain  Storming, product research and development, operating together together constantly combing, clear, and optimize the process, because this is more involved in the back of the user experience. This stage is also the most time spent, as a product manager, you may draw a prototype every day, painting process to the night or even overnight, and then a review of all the back. This time, we need a strong heart, not discouraged, re organize and start again.

is the so-called "light with darkness, Chaoyang as passers-by" (this is probably say it, anyway, not the integrity), this time is our most lonely time (sometimes even a bit cold, haha), because you need to walk in the front. Moreover, we are constantly repeating the same work, perhaps you will be a little boring, boring, and sometimes changing the prototype has been called

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