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Eastern open ventilation normalization

what has the government done recently? Dolls to school, the elderly to see a doctor, people with disabilities on these issues is not a good policy? Many times, the residents of the district to understand the work of the government’s dynamic, access to the latest policy information channels are relatively simple, passive.

in order to create the sun and service-oriented government, in March 26th, the east district government convened the central provincial capital in the green media, the media, on the East District this year is short, medium and long term working with the media "ventilation", through newspapers, television, radio, Internet and other media to allow more attention and eastern area residents the development of public understanding of the eastern real-time dynamic.

ventilation meeting, the East District People’s government, district development and Reform Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, the Economic Bureau and other departments on the economic and social development, people’s livelihood, urban planning and development, etc., to the media. Chengdong District, deputy secretary, mayor He Mingxing said that last year, the city’s GDP, fixed asset investment, local budget revenue growth of three indicators ranked first in Xining District four. This year, the East will also seize the development potential of the implementation of 139 key projects, and strive to achieve the scale of investment of 7 billion 949 million yuan. Pilot implementation of sanitation cleaning market operation mode, the realization of the city’s primary and secondary roads clean all-weather and seamless management to a deeper level of development. At the same time, farmers should be encouraged to use the resources of the two rivers in the north and the south of the basin, combining with agricultural production, agricultural products processing, marketing and rural cultural tourism, to develop the urban leisure agriculture. Administration, the Eastern Conference will be less, open a short meeting, tell the truth, make more time to engage in research, seek work, to implement.

this year, will the east area of every period of time held a news briefing, the issue of public concern after combing notice in a timely manner, so that residents can through the media to understand and grasp the dynamic area, and better communication with the government and various departments.


East will build a super five star hotel

26, in the East District of the media to participate in the "go grassroots, change" activities, the reporter learned that as the East District of Xining city and key investment projects, a high degree of concern about the global well-known supermarket chain WAL-MART, as well as the Southeast Asian well-known shopping malls – 100 Sheng or in the next year will be "eleven" both opened. By then, the eastern part of the road will be another area of Xining business core circle.

it is understood that, in order to be completed with the newly built Xining Railway Station business circle, the East will focus on building the road area of the business circle. This area, the New Millennium International Plaza, the birthplace of times square, the state of the fifth street and other commercial complex development projects will be combined force to a variety of formats, rich connotation. In addition to WAL-MART and Parkson opened, the East will be here to build a super five star hotel, for the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known hotels (restaurants) chain enterprises, improve the overall quality. At the same time, as a multi-ethnic gathering area, the Eastern District will also be built in the core business circle of the founding of a display of our province a number of ethnic minority cultural centers, in the business district to join the attractions;

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