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5 More Things Hustlers Don’t Do

first_imgThere are certain things that hustlers don’t do. Here is a pretty good list I wrote some time ago. And here are five more observations I’ve made lately that are worth adding.Hustlers don’t troll: Hustler’s aren’t trolls. They don’t leave nasty, foul, argumentative comments on other people’s sites as a way to draw attention to themselves. You don’t find them spending their time being critical. Hustler’s don’t believe that they way they build themselves is by tearing down others. Hustler’s are creators, not critics. And, as creators, they let the haters hate.Obsess over the news: It’s important to be informed about what is going on in your world. But no hustler believes that Facebook’s inflammatory, politicized, news-related posts are a real source of information. The hustler looks at a paper or two to maintain an awareness. They read magazines and other long-form content with some depth. But the news of the day doesn’t steal time away from their purpose.Pretend to know something that don’t know: Hustlers don’t pretend to know things that they don’t know. They’ll readily admit to you that they have a depth of understanding in some areas while being far less knowledgable about almost everything else. If a hustler wants to know something, they go to the source to learn. They study that subject and build a base of knowledge. They put what they are learning to work immediately.Fear selling: Hustlers don’t fear selling because they believe they can make a difference. They know that they have the ability—and the desire—to create value for others. Because they believe, they aren’t afraid to sell their product, their service, or their idea. They know that they are really selling themselves.Concern themselves with things over which they have no control. If something is within your control, or if you can somehow influence the outcome, it’s okay to spend your time doing so. But if there is nothing that you can do to change an outcome, then there is no reason to concern yourself or worry about it. Hustlers are so focused on what they can control, influence, or impact, that they never stop to worry about what is outside their control.These things will keep you from your hustle.last_img

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