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City Federation of trade unions to promote the integration of five fine services

City Federation of trade unions to carry out fine service as the starting point, focus on the "Five Combinations" efforts to strengthen the Union’s own construction, enhance the overall image of the union, to promote the cause of trade union innovation and development.

is a combination of fine service and learning practice. Effectively establish the fine sense, explore and master the way of meticulous work, improve the ability and level of service workers.

two is a combination of fine service and the needs of the masses of workers. From the attention of worker of bit by bit, to the ongoing "grassroots, down to earth, do practical activities as an opportunity to the enterprise, workshop, street community, the concept of refinement into the service of the masses of workers in all aspects, into union assistance, legal aid, and the occupation management model and through the further improvement of the system, further improve the difficulty of employee files, wholeheartedly for the masses of workers to do practical things, good things, problem-solving things.

three is a fine service and a good combination of contributions. Carry out occupation skill contest, workers in the city to fine occupation moral construction and organizing the competition, a group of selected tree "champion", "Star Technology" and "technical experts", the construction of a number of typical demonstration role in the city within the scope of the enterprise culture demonstration.

four is the combination of fine service and improve work efficiency. To further improve their understanding, improve service quality, strengthen the work responsibility embodies the fine; fine in the formulation of the target system, the quantitative evaluation standard, evaluation measures on hardening; do article, do, in the service base and work do fine.

five is a refinement of services and strengthen their own construction work style change. Through the organization of a special study, carry out a special study, the formation of a number of theoretical articles, a lecture, do fine service "golden ideas" award, to truly achieve the meticulous planning, to the fine management to promote business, fine service work, to guarantee the fine things.



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