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Corruption in CWG extends far beyond the Organising Committee

first_imgSurfers who visited www.indiatoday.in have a common consensus that corruption in CWG extends far beyond the Organising Committee (OC). They harbour the view that this is not merely corruption but corruption with impunity. There is no doubt about it, according to V K Ram, a surfer. He says: “The OC alone could not have gobbled up the entire amount siphoned off from the 70,000 crores. Certainly the very higher-ups would have had a very higher share.” He further questions, “And why did Suresh Kalmadi (chairman, OC, CWG) walk out of the interview? Was he scared, or was he by nature ill-mannered or else, arrogant?” Similarly, Ajmal Kasab’s (involved in Mumbai attacks) spat on the camera was like a spat on the entire nation. Else, how will one explain the exorbitant amount of Rs 1,16,000 for rental of a 2 ton AC. “Do they think the citizens are gullible, questions Jayaraj, another surfer, adding, “Without the support of higher-ups, the OC would not have embarked confidently on such a huge corruption.”There are some who feel that Kalmadi must have suddenly left fearing expose not only about his own involvement in the inflated expenditure for CGW, but for the fear of blurting out the real beneficiaries of the gala spending. As R Aggarwala, another surfer puts it: “Yes, the corruption in CWG extends far beyond the OC, at least 20 times more than what Kalmadi controlled, apart from the inefficiency and insensivity shown by Sheila Dikshit and others, in describing the injuries sustained by 23 labourers, when the footbridge failed.” Juxtaposed to this, there are others who feel that there is no reason as to why a media trial should be held when a regular enquiry and audit has been ordered to find out the truth. V K Das, a surfer, says: “The proceedings should be in an organised and a legal manner. In three months’ time, the truth will come out and let us be patient till then.”advertisementlast_img

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