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Xining City East District for 48 disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies

September 29th, the city of East District, Xining disabled persons with motorized wheelchairs for disabled persons in the year of the disabled motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies in 2012. Live public Jie Fu Qiang Xiang No. 367 disabled Ding Zhicheng received subsidies after gratitude shows between the lines: "the party and government as we are thoughtful, grateful to the party and the government always forget our disabled, we must live a good life, make the greatest efforts to return the society!"

motorized wheelchair disabled car fuel subsidies is the national fuel tax reform, a preferential policy for the special group of the disabled issued, is to improve the social security of the disabled, the improvement of their life and to safeguard the rights of disabled people is an important measure. From the beginning of 2009, the state of the lower limb disabled motor wheelchairs fuel subsidies. This year, high oil prices have brought a lot of pressure on the disabled people with motorized wheelchairs. In order to reduce the burden of Chengdong District CDPF after extensive propaganda, in-depth investigation, issued in 2012 the first batch of motorized wheelchair disabled for 48 disabled fuel subsidies, subsidy standard 260 yuan per vehicle, a total of 12 thousand and 500 yuan of subsidies. (author: Su Jianping & Wang Xuzhen)


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