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Full coverage of environmental grid regulation

The grid refinement to each building, each street, each school road, to do transverse to the edge, vertical in the end of four to achieve full coverage, unified supervision and control, supervision and services, supervision and protection, supervision and law enforcement…… At present, our city is committed to establishing and improving the environmental supervision of the whole grid system, environmental protection and city management, community comprehensive management of grid management combined with the existing, to create a good atmosphere of full participation in environmental protection and management. Currently, the city has built four districts and counties, the park of the grid of the regulatory system, and the allocation of a certain number of personnel to actively expand the grid supervision. Among them, the "2+3+6+N" environmental protection grid monitoring system in the urban area has achieved remarkable results. Shanxi city community in Southern District, a large area of a wide range of films, many temples, cottage retail, infrastructure is lagging behind, showing a number of sources of pollution, the situation is complex, difficult management and other issues. According to the characteristics of the community, according to local conditions, combined with the practice, the integration of community resources, make full use of multi power, implementation of two environmental protection team into the community, "three in place" (i.e., organizational leadership in place, propaganda in place, visited Mopai place) based environmental monitoring work to lay a solid foundation, through the "six" volunteer service "(i.e. a lighter than", complaint handling line card six) method to improve the environmental supervision work way. The community organization within the jurisdiction of the third industry catering business households were surveyed, a detailed record of the use of disposable tableware, fuel use, sewage treatment, and supervise the construction site take Weidang operations, sprinkler dust, net cars and other measures.  

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