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Chinese Academy of Sciences survey showed that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continued to be goo

According to the

survey and the main river water quality Research Academy of Wuhan China aquatic biological monitoring by researchers and the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration jointly carry out the day before the Qinghai Lake lake, the site investigation data with the last survey index data comparison, the data close to last year, a slight fluctuation, little change. After preliminary analysis, the index changes within a reasonable range, indicating that the water quality of Qinghai Lake continues to be good.

it is reported that the water quality survey of a total of 15 sampling points, of which the Qinghai Lake water surface of 10 points, the river of 5 points. At the same time, this year, the investigation of new micro plastic pollutants. Determination of the scene in this investigation the main indicators of surface water temperature, pH value, dissolved oxygen, plug’s transparency, conductivity, salinity, water depth; sampling to the laboratory for index determination of silicon, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, permanganate index, alkalinity, the degree of mineralization etc.. The rest of the samples were collected at low temperature and transported back to the Wuhan Laboratory for analysis and determination.


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