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Disqus it! Freelancer Bill of Rights

first_imgThe New Year is in full swing, and we are back at it in Brooklyn working towards freedom and justice for all (freelancers.) In this spirit, Freelancers Union members gathered at our recent Monthly Member Meetings to craft the Freelancer Bill of Rights. This is part of a larger campaign that aims to educate freelancers about the kind of treatment they deserve and should receive from clients and companies, and to articulate a public standard against abusive freelance work conditions. We need YOUR feedback to ensure that the document is accurate and relevant. What did we omit that you think is important? What should be eliminated? Does the name “Bill of Rights” resonate with you? **How could the Freelancer Bill of Rights __be successfully deployed in the world to help independent workers? **Participate in our nifty online Disqus forum to answer these questions and see what your freelance compatriots have to say about it, too. Even better, by visiting our newly released Monthly Member Meetings campaign page, you’ll also be able toRead about the mission of these meetingsTrack the status of any current projectsSign up to attend the next meetingRead Meeting Minutes highlights for relevant updatesAnd stay tuned, because this page will be the source for Advocacy member-generated initiatives throughout the year! Want to discuss the Freelancer Bill of Rights in person, meet fellow freelancers, and eat pizza all at the same time? Join us at our January Member Meeting next Wednesday, January 12, from 6:30-8:30PM in our Brooklyn office. For more information, you can read my past blog post on the subject or shoot me an email at [email protected] Kaitlyn Volunteer Coordinatorlast_img

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