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Get a superhero on your side

first_imgNot all superheroes wear capes.In fact, they may rock a pantsuit or a suit and tie, Clark Kent-style, and instead of super strength they drop super knowledge.Just as Batman saves Gotham City whenever an evil villain creeps in, lawyers can protect you from bad actors and save your business from ruin. Better yet, they can make sure you’re protected before anything bad happens.It can seem like all the good lawyers out there are reclusive beings living in some posh lair, but you don’t need a Bat Signal to find one. All you need is the Freelancers Union app.Download the app now to access a network of lawyers who are committed to helping freelancers and who understand the freelance life. Get a free consultation on issues such as:Negotiating contractsCorporate formationIntellectual propertyNonpaymentBankruptcy/debtDiscriminationImmigrationFamily law and real estate/tenancy And we need your help! We’re assembling a super team of lawyers who want to help freelancers and who can benefit from the strength of our community.If you’re a lawyer interested in joining Freelancers Guild, please apply here.And if you have a great lawyer to recommend, tell us here.Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Make sure you have a superhero at the ready.last_img

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