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Classification information of car channel key selection case analysis

had seen before a customer is selling the piano, after seeing his title I instantly petrified, as shown in figure

site selection is correct or not is a very important work in the process of website operation, because he has a direct impact on your final flow and conversion rate, so in the selection and analysis of key words, really need a lot of Kung fu. I also met some customers, many people also know that Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain is, they say, is really good, but ignore the importance and relevance of keyword research, the author of a life information service website of Chengdu car channel analysis screening method for a keyword as an example.


set so many target keywords and some unnecessary words in it, I really don’t know what he was thinking, originally some keywords can through mining the long tail word with the flow, but he he could think of all the things to the inside of the title plug, this is not wise. The following is I want to say. A website is divided into target keywords and long tail keywords, the number of all target keywords in the title is limited, we need to tap more key words long tail word. But this type of online tools to do more, Shanghai dragon tools we can refer to the search engine search suggestions, related search and webmaster and so on, these are some.


continues to turn to page second, at the top of the search results will appear related keywords, love Shanghai push figure:

keyword analysis tool

Two, make full use of

from the tips of the words, we can put the car rental car rental prices in Chengdu and Chengdu as part of a title, title keywords set no more than 5, other keywords to find 2-3 is almost the same, a competitor’s site you don’t have too much analysis, generally focus on the top 5 of the for more, but let their confusion.

, a research and analysis of competitors’ keywords

just for many website friends, choose keywords for their website is a careful, because during this period, a lot of people don’t have a clear aim, don’t know how to set the key words. So, in the love inside the Shanghai open the page, enter the keyword method research on competitors is advisable. The search is the word "Chengdu car rental", because the word region is relatively strong, can see the love of Shanghai first search on the left and right of each of 8 PPC, the degree of competition in the industry is relatively large, the relevant search results to find the love of Shanghai is about 8 million 290 thousand, see the figure and you will feel pressure? Continue to turn to page second, at the top of the search results will appear related keywords, love Shanghai push figure:

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