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Noble baby Analytics recently optimization analysis of new user interface

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if you want to adjust the proportion, you can click on the square icon, and then you will see the

we all know the statistics before the free version of GA for daily visits more than 500000 of the site is to take the way of sampling. Now the default this number value becomes 250000. (you can still be adjusted to 500000) according to GA, this approach is conducive to improve the speed of loading report. And now GA on this mechanism and made some improvements, that is to allow users to select independent sampling ratio.



independent control report covering the proportion of visitors

features added to allow you to better see the need to load GA data waiting time. In fact, in actual use, you can also speed it can be completed in 2-3 seconds basic loading. So the load is fleeting. When I opened the GA in today’s almost didn’t notice it.

now. Before you log out of GA, all reports will use your definition of collection ratio. GA is very proud to tell you here, their data collection mechanism is so perfect that you will find that in fact only needs to collect a few samples you can see the trend of the situation is very accurate.



site more than 250000, the report will appear above the upper right corner of the icon to tell you at the sampling report.


believe that everyone has noticed today GA new user interface. Compared to the previous is not only add some icons and change the font, it is more important to have the obvious improvement in the speed of data loading. For this, GA’s official blog also gives the explanation. Here the focus of refined.

You can be convenient for the data collection by adjusting the ratio of

open before each report GA requires a certain loading time, now the GA of this mechanism has been improved: as long as you open a report, report all data will be loaded into your computer cache, you don’t close the GA these data has been there. More importantly, these data will be based on the need for timely and noble baby server in the data synchronization. You can see the following words in the bottom of each report. You can understand the situation of the data synchronization.



only need to load a report

When you visit the

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