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Links platform 90 days to build a daily online website 1W

said the exact "chain artifact" is a Links exchange software client, non web platform

a conservative estimate of at least 30-50 million websites every day to exchange chain demand, it includes a large number of Links specialist. This is how as can be imagined the prosperity of the market, but the demand is scattered in different places, such as: Links platform, webmaster forum, QQ group;

application, through the successful exchange of data


Every kind of The first step of data.

: preliminary investigation and differential positioning

website promotion methods in a short period of time, then how will a new website just on the line to create the industry’s most active platform? I believe we are very curious, how did I spend 90 days will "change the chain artifact from scratch into a daily on line [site 10000 the Links]

data exchange hall, basically every minute there will be dozens of


first we look at the "chain artifact" current data:

! market?


platform? update site

introduction: three months later, Zhang Sen finally put a friend anonymous software to create a daily 1W+ online platform, I think the success is very simple, 1, identify the user groups of pain point 2,; make the effort to do the operation; 3, reasonable promotion. This is his own, create a product, it is very simple, but it is in trouble, to see how he is doing.

8.26 platform officially launched, as of today, just three months time.


data – exchange TOP15

this "chain artifact" a lot of friends more or less heard of or being used, today I will promote the platform and share with you, look at how to create one of the most active Links platform in 90 days.

what are your strengths?

Links exchange market, I believe I do not have to say we all understand, believe that every webmaster with many webmaster QQ group, chat inside most topics except for the link or exchange links……

in positioning need to do market research and project a platform before. To know the size of the market and to your advantage, what can bring benefits to the user. PS: if there is no prior investigation, there is no advantage of differentiated positioning, I think if the extension of 3 months, also can not be made now, so it’s very important!

it is because of such a huge market demand, we through research.

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