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Love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results for further observation and Solutions

recently love Shanghai adjustment as we all know, yesterday I wrote an article "love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the test results and solutions", today to further yesterday were observed under the summary, the morning observation is also good, Harbin website design and website production in Harbin Shanghai first to restore love, look like to see small adjustment effect a problem, but that is the love of Shanghai may be testing adjustment, because there is a snapshot of the station back to November, has returned to the previous position, so I analyze the possible love Shanghai adjustment is still in the testing phase, there is a station should not in his current position but love Shanghai may be adjusted to the need to temporarily not change his ranking.

These are some of the details of

said the external links to the site right down yesterday, because yesterday is not updated snapshot, may drop right after treatment has little effect on the site, but also to grasp yesterday (yesterday I found no problem what I have put down the right add on the site, after all the partners for a long time) today, the snapshot is right after the fall of the snapshot website, website ranking back, I don’t know this and I get rid of those websites right down there Never mind, or I play some adjustment yesterday, this problem may have the next update to know, my site update frequency is the 3 day, I want to know that after three days, but I still feel the impact is not big, but not too much on the line, after all, A5 and some other site site: is no longer the first, of course, to everyone’s safety Good is removed, just in case, but if there be K station must be removed, even if our domain name is the old name, also said yesterday the simple old domain name advantage, love Shanghai will not easily fall right a lot, but we still have to pay attention to.

then today I was also compared under the keyword density and the extent of the optimization, that the best is around 3%, the sample density is now so good, optimization of the Shanghai dragon look like is undeniable, not deliberately optimized, through the observation of these days, I found Shanghai dragon optimization love will surely lead to Shanghai offensive, but the moderate optimization can still, most can not do is in the home with a lot of keyword anchor text, if there is not too much, top, middle, below are a few on the line, and then do some bold keywords on the link, or can not be too much, and not all at home, can do some paging links, I yesterday after treatment today ranking recovered a lot, I feel great and dispose of some optimization, it did not deal with the problem of optimization before No, ranking changes to deal with it, this is not a coincidence, of course, does not rule out the love of Shanghai slowly returned to normal.

: first I update some original text yesterday, probably due to the original content to enhance the site’s weight >

optimization determined or observation, summed up nothing more than reduce the Shanghai dragon, remove right down the website, the website is not affected by the outside world and improve their own weight, some new observations, here is the.

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