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Website optimization black and white contest

white is bright, is the day. This kind of optimization is called "white hat" optimization technique, which is currently 90% of the people in the use or study the optimization model, but the effect is not so fast, is not to say that all the words in all industries will be like what are the current Shanghai dragon training institutions said that this is just magic. Shanghai dragon re a strong will, need the test, need to keep! Method are on-line, only a few people can really understand the true meaning of Shanghai dragon. This "white hat" optimization is through formal channels, conscientious start from the construction site, allowing users to feel content quality and user experience, can let search engine feel of the site, page design, label notes and other details of various aspects of the design is reasonable, can make the search engine more easy to search the content of the site. Of course, I also made a formal pipe machine industry optimization station group, try to "white hat" optimization effect, the figure is a ranking of some of our word


time is the best weapon to sign authenticity, "black" and "white" contest is to make a decision to end customer demand, website >

"black" is dark, secret, hidden. This kind of optimization is called the "black hat" optimization technique, which are generally relatively high technological content of some website optimization master in use, but also can not rule out to borrow some hacker tools people in this mode of doing optimization. People use this idea to optimize the medium also is very simple, because they hold each search engine’s vulnerability, and then engage in cheating or cheating cheating program design ranking websites through search engine to bring the flow of mass production according to the vulnerability, let search engine default for this is a good site to experience, so will keywords ranking improve, this effect tends to be relatively short, suitable for short-term products to use, but I do not approve of this approach, although this behavior because they help themselves to earn a lot of money, but because of their behavior undermines the search engine results, cause user dissatisfaction, user dissatisfaction, search the engine will also be satisfied, because the search engine is the pursuit of the good feeling of the user, so that a search engine will improve the search quality of its own The amount, increase the number of screening on these practices, it should be said in front of speculation online fire weight-loss industry word is a good case, with the purpose that they achieve, but with the search engine rivalry eventually ended in failure! But as I think no the opponent is not.

"winner, is the loser" in our website optimization has been "black" and "white" contest, whether you are using black hat tactics or white hat techniques to optimize the site, as long as you reach your target keywords you are the winner, you the company will be to you as the goal, always want to go beyond your mind will never give up.

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