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When the Shanghai dragon face search engine 1 function

the user initiative and discourse is not terrible, terrible is you had no plans to build a good be useful to the user site. I believe the search engine that powerful database will not let those spam sites occupy the limited resources.

Google search engine "+1" function believes that many webmaster know and understand. Although there is no universal application, but the intent is remarkable.

second, really put the user experience of the website to go up, not to simply meet the search engine to do optimization, but also effectively stop to consider the site of the entire layout and structure in the user’s point of view. Only the perfect combination of the two, in order to truly make search engines allow users to love love.

Shanghai dragon you, if you really put the site to do bigger and stronger, I believe you will be able to cross.

in such a trend, the majority of our Shanghai dragon Er should how to do? What is the challenge we face will be? The best of Shanghai dragon to talk about their views, and everyone together to discuss the possible future.

webmaster all know that search is a very important thing – chain engine algorithm. A vote of confidence in this thing is equivalent to other sites on your site, the more the number of the chain quality of your website search engine will be more recognized, ranking will have comparative advantages. But this way caused a lot of human elements, for users to return the information is not very fair. If the search engine to judge the quality of the initiative website to the user, so not only to meet the user’s search experience, the search results will be more fair, because only authorized users of the site will be search engine.

"everyone is really good" this sentence I believe many used LaFang products knows. The search engine now also want to go to the direction and trend of development, you said your own website is not useful, but we recommend you, say hello to the search engine that you are good. This trend that will be the engine for the development and improvement of a future direction search.

first, I think that if it has the initiative and discourse on the user, we need to do is "strong website content, to create high-quality information, only provide quality information for the majority of Internet users, can be recognized by the user, the user may have to click on the" +1 "button.

is a small "+1" button, he explained what? My personal understanding is the search engine has been slowly initiative and in the right hand of Internet users. As you may know, search engine and Internet users can be said to be a relationship between the water and the boat, water boat can capsize. If the search engine returns information can not meet the needs of the users browse, then the search engine believe it out is not far away.

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