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The importance of website optimization keywords you know

!Many novice Oh!

so today we will talk about how to choose your keywords! I hope you still give my most enthusiastic support, do not mean your hands of the flowers, applause, egg even, my home is not the lack of this, we take home filling body… Hehe…

fourth, is a question that needs long-term attention, with the user’s search keywords to make the corresponding change, but also to collect the key words from various aspects, immutable and frozen does not work, you don’t know what the user will change the search term, so you have to do is to find ways to understand what the word for users, with the most, and you can bring effective browsing amount of user search keywords, for example. Search for Apple users may have several, one is watching movies, the two is the apple mobile phone, three is to look at the apple mobile phone prototype, four is to want to buy this kind of mobile phone, the four user will expand the search term, the movie will add.

may not care about the choice of keywords, of course, that many people will no ground for blame, spent his time on the website optimization. In fact, such people do not understand, just don’t pay attention to this, they know only one second, so today I am here to introduce the importance of the keyword

Wuhan Shanghai dragon novice Xiaohao: Good afternoon, as a Shanghai Longfeng beginners, our concern is very much, but every day to update the original is necessary homework Oh, today you update? No hurry to

, you do not misunderstand, we optimize the website, it was mostly around the keywords in optimization, no matter how we update the article, of course we were the first one is to make us content is with the user to search relevant keywords, not related to what we do in Shanghai dragon? Our efforts must be there is a direction, even if we update the content, content should also be related with the key words, so the importance of keywords since Needless to say, but how to choose, which is a big problem in front of us these new keywords, because related to web traffic, then the impact of effective views. Of course, these are the need to accumulate experience, need time to explain a few words on is unable to explain clearly.

! ?Keywords

second, if you choose our new mistakes, in a short period of time can not change, so we have to do, in fact, has been very clear, to seize the user search keywords, you have to do is to optimize the word, the main keyword is your website, then to update and to take the best theme



third, love Shanghai spiders crawl page script is the most important thing is your keywords in the user search keywords, and your users want information is relevant, then the user’s search results on your website, this becomes your views, you are likely to become effective users the website, if you choose the wrong keywords, then started has partial track, and how to track

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