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Tanabata chain Christmas Thanksgiving integral big broadcastThose fantastic small action determines

I don’t know what feelings do excellent webmaster, anyway, I put in the website to connect all the excellence are deleted… Now that dangdang also follow this policy, and by this method the survival guide books, is certainly not.

saw this post: Ming: excellent VIP price perspective, a dirty corporate culture. I have to share the excellent practice of extreme pettiness of character. Character determines destiny, and excellence is always "withholding money" in these details". I am not Dangdang fans, nor is it china-pub loyal users, as a webmaster speaking, we mainly consider:

percentage, I want to make the league are clear, they mainly the competition between excellence and Dangdang, led to the Commission fall, from the previous 10%..8%… 7%..5%… 4%.. Don’t know if it will continue to go down.

to thank all the owners for a long time the Qixi Festival exchange support chain, the Qixi Festival will be held seven days of "Christmas Thanksgiving integral giveaway" event. I hope you can inform the webmaster.

time: December 22, 2007 0:00-2007 12.28 24:00

activities: during the event, every point all members will get 1.5 points, 1 points =1.5 points. Effective point into the score unchanged.

1: commission ratio this point, Dangdang and outstanding networks are down, down from 10% to 4% now, sad!.

PS: as the consumer is concerned, due to the competition of excellence, Dangdang, did get a lot of benefits, the price has been reduced after all. Today, we don’t talk about it from the consumer’s point of view, just from the webmaster’s point of view. With regard to the drop rate, I think people receiving excellent union mail will be intimidated by their amazing policies. Let’s see:

, that is to say, you bring a customer to excellence, the customer buys 1000 yuan book, but you deduct the percentage, only the first book assuming 30 yuan.

The Qixi Festival chain

2: single rate today’s key share.

address: 7clink


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