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Website optimization used for you

have such feelings, for a period of time after the site optimization, the ranking is also good, but falling in love with a sea update not by K, is the site is down right away, ranking.


2: a certain foundation of friends, formed the Shanghai dragon primary optimization thinking. Need to optimize their thinking > Shanghai Dragon

This is due to the

not have such feelings, and time to optimize the site, often spent a lot of time and experience, a few months down, that data is increased, ranking no improvement, this time, the boss began to talk to you, you are anxious, finally no solution.

how to solve this kind of problem: case 1: Shanghai dragon beginners premise to promote the website not to think of the old way. No waste lunch in the world. This kind of friends based limited, from basic start. As long as the two things well enough, the first is to update the article to write original articles, find good material on the Internet, and then use their own language, this method is better than the pseudo original, second words is to remember the page layout. There are several records. Later in the update article around the few words to write, home page keyword links to the home page, other keywords don’t link the home page, it will disperse the home page keywords. For example: Web page layout only several keywords core keyword is the Dongguan moving, moving company in Dongguan. Then the area Nancheng moving company is our words, but no home page layout, then don’t link you to the home page, the article page or the content page to optimize. For example, the station I use this page to optimize the keywords Nancheng moving company: 贵族宝贝dg-banjia贵族宝贝/news/201208183.html. This page is collected before, most recently not included. This is not important, important is to know which page optimization which keywords is enough.

2: there is a certain experience in Shanghai dragon friends began to form a junior Shanghai dragon thinking system, but this system is often a problem, he believes that many operating methods, is actually wrong. These groups have a common characteristic, have some foundation, but the foundation is not strong. Always think oneself learning ability is not good, everywhere, see all kinds of so-called "master" basic human writing. Then they said according to the method of learning to operate the site. Among them, many of the so-called "master" is similar with you, they write articles are from the Internet to integration. They learned the errors point after their operation, still work not completed.

what: case 1: Shanghai dragon beginners to optimize the site, often there is no complete Shanghai dragon thinking system, know to write simple, any keyword appears in the article are to add a home page anchor text links. This will cause the page keyword weight more dispersed. The ranking is getting worse.

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