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Let me benefit from the A5 clinic services team to optimize the shallow well

I early for a friend to do a website related to the 贵族宝贝lite0769贵族宝贝 stainless steel, stainless steel industry fierce competition on the Internet, many of these projects do. The effect is good, but unfortunately things come, big adjustment unfortunately caught, content page is K, the home page is K.


is >


review, the clinic experience, hope for some help novice:

The second step: the internal

as a webmaster, A5 almost all the staff must do optimization on the site, there are vast amounts of knowledge to learn every day, the latest on search, marketing, point information and so on, there are tens of thousands of websites will collect relevant articles every day, this let us soft outside the chain can be diversified. So good… I want to you than me. I am not clear, today to introduce Admin5, but thanks to Admin5 optimization team, for their clinic services, will also be introduced to some Admin5 optimization team is still relatively confused or K station also puzzled the webmaster to do some relevant guidelines.

personal reasons: content quality is not high. After several days of effort has little effect. But to know that A5 optimization team in clinic services to carry out at that time have a try psychology in "A5 Shanghai Dragon Team [daily diagnosis] let your site away from the" disease "in accordance with the requirements of the" post replies. Fortunately, after a few days, the team in the busy time to give me the White Fang website for the clinic. [20121212]: Jiangsu daily clinic Litas stainless steel web based diagnosis of

Preliminary judgment is K


The first step of

: self analysis, reflect on whether there is cheating, if there is cheating, cheating please delete.

may have said that only included the inside pages, to explain what, but I want to say to you: one is everything to do one step at a time, always take a shortcut will pay the price. Shanghai dragon must have a good attitude, so that you can go further.

A5 comprehensive optimization team recommendations and their own understanding of the website related changes, from the background of the visit spider, modified for two weeks, the number of spider visits and visits the inside pages become more, this is a very positive signal. Continue to add articles, do website internal readability, improve the quality of the weight of the site, the big update in January 5, 2013, released 127 pages, the number of some other sites, is probably not too much, but for a enterprise stand for, really feel very gratified, here cannot do without the support of the team A5 optimization.

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