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See the latest algorithm from love Shanghai business circle the game ranking changes

also has a lot of new sites participated in the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, found a lot of new sites have emerged a few days are not included or included very few cases, it also shows that the love of Shanghai to the new sites included more and more strict, and in the past, in addition to the railway station to the railway station, need to look beyond the page is to take the first index after the release of the principle of so many new sites are not participating in good rankings in the short term, but the owners do not need to worry about, this is just love Shanghai for a new period of study, believe that every ER Shanghai dragon have suffered many new sites, so in the above to correct attitude during this period, good job content and the chain, etc. after >


yesterday in the latest statistical observation business competition, also mentioned before the ten participating websites are changing, in new faces also faces in the back off, actually this is also very normal, after all, do Shanghai dragon will know in addition to the site of the old and new keyword ranking is also associated with a lot of factors, and not only the old station can have good rankings, but for new sites or newly established sites also do not have good rankings.

since then from this match the keywords ranking changes, can clearly find love in Shanghai to modify the site title has greatly improved the sensitivity and attention to recent games ranking friends may find recent top position is constantly changing, and on the same day also possible different ranking changes, but the changes caused by the spoiler is updated after the modified Title site, and updated to give the station good rankings, second days as soon as the list down or even disappearing situation.

but it also poses a problem for the same keywords, first appeared in the word’s website will generally give good weight, take the official site is really so, because the keywords is centered on the official site, so the Shanghai dragon competition rules which in the selection of keywords also produced above some dispute, but the search engine from the point of view, we as Shanghai dragon ER first to find the problem, rather than to the rationality of blindly entangled in the choice of keywords, after all this is an open competition, who can attend, who also have the right to choose not to participate.

although the Shanghai dragon competition has no age limit the domain name registration website, to a certain extent, some of the advantages of the old station. But you should know before the words we are not doing business, so the optimization of the word above all sites are in the same starting point, but the old station does not need to be loved in Shanghai just observation. Of course for the use of the old station or modify the Title Revision greatly for the website, and may the new advance into the study period as search engine, so you can see from the game since the opening to the present first position is not stable, but in the past few days can be found to replace the first position is just modify the title of the website.

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