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High quality content and the chain can be obtained at the same time

station is the simplest and most difficult is the content and the chain. It is simple because people can write articles, will send the chain. It is difficult because of how to achieve high quality content and the chain. High quality is very important, if you can solve the problem of high quality content and the chain, the other problems were small. In fact, high quality content and the chain can be obtained at the same time, how to get

1. of the original, reproduced or copied to the journal that is too naive. Don’t waste your time and editor of time.

2. articles, article has no attraction, there is no value is an important issue, the original is not enough.

is now the most important issue is to write the article, and then to contribute. This is the quality of the chain there are a lot of good quality, high quality of the original article search engine must be love, love those sites, through the submission is the high quality of the chain. It will be a lot of other website blog reproduced, will have the hair of the chain. We sent for others. Because the back has the source address, delete the source of a lot of people, there are a lot of people is reserved, the part of the reservation is the high quality the chain. So the content and the high quality of the chain can be obtained at the same time, as long as you have the high quality content is the high quality the chain. High quality content is not able to write to write to, we often see often write to exercise, Rome was not built in a day.

3. the layout of the article, not too messy, to the segment segment what punctuation with what punctuation.

The readability of ?

4. the contents of the article, words can not be too small, preferably more than 800 words can be illustrated best, let the reader feel very real. Easy.

how to write high quality content, easy to contribute through the contents of the most simple method. You can go to see the good article page A5 has what characteristics. And then copy them into their characteristics and content easily through the. The most basic points of attention:

yesterday I summed up a few good blog, there is a characteristic that is in the major sites have included the submission and then reproduced by many websites. In fact, this is what we often say that. Is to write high quality soft Wen then to contribute. But there are a few to do it, I am really not, write something scary, just look at the beginning of my learning to do the station to write articles, horrible, horrible than it several times. Super short title, a lot of sweat is 5 words. There is no segmentation, and sometimes directly to the lecture notes copy up, is very messy. I’m not going to change, so many are like that, all changes as the word directly writing new articles, and secondly, that a blog is a learning, those horrible articles just can witness my progress. Look at those. I found that I have been improved. Compared to the previous progress.

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