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4 aspects of the new out of the sandbox effect to avoid

2. new sites not open large 2 level domain name. Some owners may want to start a good cloth, so in the main domain name opened five or six even ten above the two level domain. What is more, there are plans to develop a large number of top gun owners, three level domain name. Not much management pattern, you slowly, the search engine can not eat this set you live.

Don’t complain about the new

website optimization including excessive station optimization and stood outside optimization excessive excessive.

station optimization excessive: excessive extension of a is in the process of the construction of the new station, leaving the "unreasonable" number of new information, especially.

difficult to do, don’t complain about the search engine for the new snub. The underworld to a test of the occupation you ah. This is the old high weight website came. The new station to get out of the sandbox effect, in fact is to solve the problem of trust for your search engine, don’t let your site into a "suspect", according to the website weight search engine algorithm gives you the corresponding, get a fair chance to compete with other websites.

owners will have more or less feelings of aristocratic baby sandbox, here is not to explore each search engine will have a sandbox effect to railway station reception. Love Shanghai is also the assessment period of railway station. I call these sandbox effect. No matter how rich the content on your site, the chain wide how high, regardless of how your web site search engine friendly, friendly user experience, new sites in the sandbox, it is difficult to obtain the ideal ranking.

1. the structure of the site, the site title don’t frequent changes. This is a lot of problems to make new adsense. The site from the start line, is the need to be adjusted according to the development of. But many of the new station on the line, because there is no pre planning, found here does not need to adjust, there is wrong, and to revise. The old station can afford every two or three days to toss, the new station is more vulnerable. Change, your efforts are search engines that are suspected to have honestly in the sandbox struggling.

: if the station optimization over your site keywords in the places. This is a manifestation of excessive site optimization. Don’t take to optimize the parts of optimization, page title, keywords and description tags, Web links, H1, H2 tags, image ALT attributes, the first section, the internal anchor text can strengthen Shanghai Longfeng processing, there are optimization trace, this will affect the trust of the new search engine.

here I’ll coming soon out of the sandbox effect on several points should be avoided:

3. site optimization excessive, obvious signs of optimization. Some webmaster friends to avoid excessive understanding into the new station optimization should not do Shanghai Longfeng processing. This understanding is wrong. Shanghai Longfeng ideas should always pierce through the operation of a website, unless your site does not need to get traffic from search engines.

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