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Enterprises do love Shanghai three rules for bidding

1, promotion plan, promotion unit to clear

promotion plan is unit key words / ideas, establish the promotion plan and promotion unit according to different target. The promotion plan and promotion unit be arranged management, can facilitate the efficient management of enterprise accounts, also facilitate the unified description behind the title and creative, a clear structure of the promotion plan, promotion unit can greatly improve the quality of key words, do Shanghai people know the importance of bidding quality, if people do not understand it love Shanghai check. Here to share the love of Shanghai for the account of a screenshot of the textile machinery industry:

, 2 different regions of the keyword set different price

industry competition is more and more big, many enterprises have to follow the road network. At present, more and more enterprises can begin to make love Shanghai love Shanghai auction auction, is a very efficient way of promotion, customers accurate, quick. But love Shanghai bidding for some love Shanghai auction business that is burning machine. If the numbness of the sex Shanghai auction, careful burn you to death. The weight loss industry competition, now click on the word the price is as high as 80, if you put the key words to broad match, your money will soon burn, the turnover rate is greatly reduced. How to do the bidding of Shanghai love? I share some of my experience

love Shanghai

love Shanghai regardless of your choice of bidding keywords how perfect the promotion plan and promotion unit planning how perfectly you love Shanghai for promotion link no one click, that all was lost, how to attract a more accurate customer click? The key lies in your creative is able to attract customers. How to write creative to attract customers click on

3 good title and creative is the key to successful bidding

1) outstanding product / service characteristics, advantages to meet customer demand for a

Because the traditional ?

is no longer the great length about how to select keywords, keyword selection directly determines the success or failure of Shanghai for love. Later I will share a love of Shanghai enterprises "bidding" how to choose keywords, please pay attention. Due to the difference in the keywords, the degree of competition is not the same, the keyword ranking is not the same, so don’t put all the keywords SB price set for a price, such as network marketing training to the word 20 yuan to the top three in Beijing, which takes the word Guangdong more than 10 yuan will be able to enter the top three, the Xinjiang a few words of dollars on the top three. If you are all set to 20 yuan, you will spend much money. To do so, the establishment of first-tier cities, second tier city, three line city promotion plan respectively for the same keyword set different prices in different regions, and then set the.

is divided into the following:

Shanghai bid and we make love

most > 2)


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