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Can not bear the pain of the affected server Shanghai Dragon

I only talk about the recent experience of server things in their own lessons to verify the advanced experience, tell everyone to do Shanghai dragon, not only the content, the chain is you should focus your attention, safety and stability of the server you are most in need of attention. My station (Xibaipo tourism 贵族宝贝xbpcity贵族宝贝) chose the server, because the figure is fast, independent of IP, but also cheap, so I chose a fairly well-known domestic service providers. I consider some of the factors to make me do Shanghai dragon brought a lot of convenience, fast speed, IP independent, so without much effort, time is not long, the ranking is very good. Intermediate servers are often some small faults, I don’t care, and server machine, there is no guarantee that no problem. One day, the site open, I still think that small fault, a day is all right, the results of the second day or open, quickly contact service asked how the home space business and now the Internet has been condemning, because of his attitude and problem solving speed. Submitted, I was waiting in torment, one day, two days, every day I urge, can sometimes open, sometimes open, so probably about 3 days before the official visit to. But not happy long, when routine inspection found the title, description tools cannot grab information, using simulation tools to detect the spiders crawl, found it impossible to grab web content, how is it going on, open the site is very normal. Then to the space business inquiries, reply server attacks with the firewall. With a firewall, the spiders are shielding, spiders can’t come, I can open the station what, so I need to remove the space business firewall, such a simple request and wait 3 days to do so, a week later, I had a frantic week. I think, when the update, I must stand up.

examples of the love of Shanghai ushered in the week update, update the snapshot back 2 weeks (the original is the next day, more than 100 (Updated) included reducing the variable is too big, not sure the reason boils down to the server), ranking unchanged. The impact is not too big, I just put many snacks, snapshots and included the impact of words, as long as the daily update. Love Shanghai ushered in the updated second weeks, I think the snapshot can keep up, found a cup, the last week of the spider can’t grab the reaction time. The title is only one word. "

now, Shanghai dragon has become a popular topic, whether novice webmaster webmaster or veteran, attaches great importance to this. The Internet is filled with this kind of a large number of technical articles. How to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, several factors affecting Shanghai dragon and so on are beyond count. I am also a beginner, seen too many similar articles, that most are identical, the theory of what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, let oneself quickly numb. But when you really have problems, when the real experience, did not know any experience will impress you.

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