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Shanghai is in love the chain to reduce repeat our content

remember that article I had written above, after a few days the article was reproduced at least hundreds of times, but now look at Shanghai love of the article included. A variety of reasons are that love Shanghai in this waste to reduce the reproduced content. For the love of Shanghai such a move I think there are a few relatively large influence for us to do the Shanghai dragon webmaster.

second is for those who often use the incidence of webmaster may will be a heavy blow. We use mass software is nothing more than to save those to each site sent by the time, the rapid promotion of their own site or brand, but now the group out content has not been included or love Shanghai, love Shanghai before the hair content is slowly removed, the mass of those software developers also bring a great impact.

third is for the acquisition station is more lethal, look at their website number included in a daily reduction, site visits every day in decline, that I have tried. I have done before a collection site, just started not long after the site included in the thousands then slowly reduced to a few hundred, and now only a few survivors. And then check the rest of these included all of the original I or the original article.

The original

from the above Shanghai love show me the see of, or above all of the possibility of all without exception in the original site told us is king, love Shanghai depending on the telling us to mix please first learn to write the original article.

believes that many webmaster do the chain is the way to the soft, soft, because the chain is a way to obtain the block. A good, if sent to A5, the owners of the house and some other authoritative websites can get hundreds of thousands of the chain to your site in a short period of time. It may be said that this is not the chain what use, but have to admit that the chain passed we reprint widely is the strongest. However, look at the picture below the chain when we would do it this way worries. Love Shanghai in the number of chain cuts worrying duplicate content on our website.

by Foshan Shanghai Phoenix Station, the station please reserve 贵族宝贝fs-baojun贵族宝贝

love is the first large area in Shanghai to reduce repeat content we obtain the chain of people through the soft chain number, may fall outside the chain of the number of large area. Even directly affect the site’s ranking, this webmaster friends should pay attention to the point.


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