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Shanghai Longfeng soft power to improve work efficiency

Shanghai dragon purpose and search engine is the same: to give the user valuable content, help users with web content. Dear Shanghai dragon, you are a group of people the Internet community the most diligent, you can live alone to face all the challenges from superiors and disdain; you can endure loneliness, like a robot, a person to do simple things repeat; you have strong anti pressure and endurance, can work continuously every day more than 14 hours, and adhere to the uncertain future results; you kind, brave, dare to challenge, always full of confidence in life, no matter how search engines to you, even after being kicked out, you never give up easily. No matter how, whether you are in Shanghai Longfeng achievements is large and small, I have expressed respect for you, maybe you are just not method. You only know how to send the chain, add content etc, you know the lack of Shanghai Longfeng soft power of your

three, Shanghai dragon over a rival website ranking is better than the opponent (from the multi site to enhance value).

How to use The

chain is the most direct purpose is to bring the site connected to reverse unilateral, thus brings the page score ", obviously this is not scientific. Another soft power chain is to bring a high degree of exposure for the site. The chain should do so, for example: you are going to love the registered shops, then the shops only supplement the company profile pages, search engines are not necessarily included in this page, you should like to develop this culture blog shop, to improve store information, product information, news and information, the shop as a a website to insist on. The benefits of doing so is great not only can effectively improve your website exposure can also greatly enhance the quality of the link.

, the chain how to send, what is the purpose of the chain (work and efficiency)

please don’t mess with, each page of the Title should have his unique value in the Internet, to write long enough to write at least 15 Chinese Chinese characters, so as to effectively intercept the long tail word.

H label is a label now use one of the most chaotic, in Html, H tags are given the contents of the article, don’t mess with, I absolutely do not advocate to take the H1 to Logo, nor in each page can only have a H1, you can take the H1 to the title of the article, you can take he gave you the most important part of the web page. Whether H1 or H2/H3 are not the most important part of the web page, H labels and other labels are the same, in the vision of the user guide, to play a role in text font size color decoration etc.. To help users better understand your web content and theme of web search engine is a text analysis and sorting, will not put too much attention to your H tags, only the user will do.

two, TitleH tags on your site (assist users to read and find the answer)


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