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Shanghai dragon Er to remember that continuously improve the ability to work in the optimization wor

fourth, continuous learning and self improvement ability. Learning and thinking is the webmaster must insist for a long time, frozen three days a day learning depends on the accumulation and thinking, especially the optimization optimization work is becoming increasingly competitive, we must constantly improve their learning ability, mainly in the Shanghai dragon to enrich our knowledge of the industry, learning new marketing learning skills, better communication and communication methods of others, learning about the need to master the basic knowledge of site operation and maintenance in the process of establishment and basic image processing capabilities, in order to do everything to Shanghai Long Feng optimization work to make myself better, improve their.

first, the most basic writing ability. Writing ability is the most important basic ability in the webmaster optimization process, either as their website update or stand outside the promotion of writing, writing skills is the basic ability of each stationmaster must have, writing must first have constructed before writing ideas, that is the view of the theme of writing this last argument summary. In addition to the construction of ideas, we must pay attention to usual reading other people’s writing, many daily exercises.

second, and communication skills with colleagues. The process of the present society in any industry are not dealing with people, so the communication ability is the ability of the second Shanghai dragon Er should have, whether it is to communicate with customer or company and colleagues, said what, what to say, what kind of words can not say you to grasp the sense of propriety, communication and others, we are making every day things, and for the Shanghai dragon Er, communication ability is more important, how to adjust the structure of the website needs we need and communication technology, the website should choose what kind of words in addition to themselves but also communication and leadership, what to write the kind of content keywords how to layout and editing without communication, these enough communication skills for the important value of Shanghai dragon er.

third, overcome the difficulty of optimization solving optimization problems. This mainly displays in response to sudden site issues, we must promptly solve the optimization of the various problems encountered in the work, in the process of Web site optimization, the problem is encountered for common problems can hardly be avoided, we are generally able to resolve, but for the sudden problem especially when had not met you, should be able to solve without fear. It can make your site in an invincible position. The solving ability is also to be in the daily work, through continuous training of practice, is not a short duration of time will be.

we know that as the optimization of professional staff have certain optimization ability is very important, so, how to embody the ability, the author thinks that reflects the ability of the main way of showing their basis for optimization of some essential problems in the work have a better ability to control, and the basic work of the author is to talk about today that is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

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