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Sharing process how to embark on the road of Shanghai Dragon

through our efforts finally website online, the first day received five orders is very good, the order to the confidence, but because of the good times don’t last long promotion platform do promotion and use are the same with competitors, the website often attacks and threats, sometimes also go directly to the site and I said through the client system, see their technology powerful or the server. The product plus then I do the product was named L-carnitine is a network market is not very boom, the day is also more and more the first approximation of the year we all think this can FengFengGuangGuang home for the new year, after the above situation completely blow the enthusiasm of everyone, the sales volume gradually decline and finally got all day A single no, then there are more than a month to celebrate the new year, "here is the Guangzhou Yitong Packing Products Co.," said a friend to go home next year planned a "never again, I want to have that brother asked the count down did not lose much money" of the author and he said to come back now this station accounted for when do, to do so will be a loss, I want to go home but that cash strapped ah a year back again can’t just walk back ah, my friends say that you will find a job, then there is no way in talent online vote under the resume, University of electronic business, has been engaged in this industry before I really want to do is sell additional products issued additional keyword for the keyword through the Internet portal and B2B platform Must understand, at the time of the Shanghai dragon can be said to don’t understand in the university has not heard of the term, < later I read a study before the network marketing and planning this course a chapter simply introduces some basic knowledge about search engines, then pen only Dawu not previously thought study the textbooks about ah, exclaimed again and again to say English is not very good, now I really regret in college before, but I still put in your resume in about recruitment network promotion, e-commerce position.

on the real Shanghai Longfeng road


many resume also interviewed several because he did this.

talked about the course to set foot on the road of Shanghai Longfeng, now think back to let the author feel only the end of hills and rivers, fight to win or die. Here I believe there may be many webmaster friends shocked how how miserable ah I told you at the time of the situation is indeed very miserable, it was December 2011 when see the Chinese New Year is coming, I and a few friends together to do a selling slimming products already in the website a company to resign, but honestly I pay in the company as a general, has always wanted to have the opportunity to give their own working career, or light Zong Yao, returning the opportunity now I was like no matter how the results are going to do, dare to try.

a line of operations of the


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