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Talk about doing those things outside of the chain

I will say that I was how to accumulate resources. I did not immediately go back to work every day. I will go to search competitor’s website. I will go to the analysis of what they do outside the chain. I noted that at the time of the site that the new table, the chain must have their attractions. I will go to search at the same time, I still use the notebook to record platform that have not been found. Second I will establish a resource library at work, for those high quality forum resources are on their classification. Have access to the. I hope these two little skill to help novice.

chain is doing the same thing. And the salary is not very high. If you want to make a fortune on this is not possible. A miserable job will make you more confused. At this time, the mentality is very important. The chain to loneliness.



chain is essential to every website. But the chain can make people very sad. If grumpy, you have to hit the computer impulse. The chain into the forum, blog platform. Especially the forum and platform is the most. But now the forum for the chain restrictions are very strict. Do you want to send a chain with such restrictions. Is not easy to send a chain, so that with time past two or three hours. Make you mad. I would like to share those things outside of the chain. I don’t like to share with you what skills, nor what trick. With those things you going on outside of the chain.

to tell me a story, I used to do. I love most is to go to Shanghai Longfeng Irrigation Research Center forum. But the play is also very hight, but later the site was K. I don’t know why? Later, because my chain is too single, only one platform. The chain must be diversity. We all know that an egg can not be placed in one basket. The chain is also such.

, the mentality is very importantThe

two, the accumulation of resources is very important to


chain of more or less temper is not very good. Doing the same thing every day, passion is not the grind. Now the chain can send a few. The forum generally if you don’t have two or three hours is uncertain, you need to register an account, get this figure that. You are ready to send, you will find two hours later. The efficiency is very low.

every chain of the Commissioner, every day in order to save resources among. Because every day you have to send so much outside the chain, if you every day no new resources, then you will not do. We all know that, if you have a piece of wood, you are always inside the tree felling, you do not go to plant trees, do you think he can be a long time? The back is bare. This is for the resources each chain of the most distressed.

three, the chain of diversity

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