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Three reasons to love to play the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon and the original is closely related to the search engine, after all in today, collection of pseudo original flying, more original works of high degree of love, so do Shanghai dragon, is actually a can let you play any imagination when, how to handle the head of the products by our imagination write to let consumers interested in the article, after being included, rankings, even high ranking, this series of process, will let you feel the play Shanghai dragon is not boring, because you can every day from a different perspective of your product, your product description. For example, the author made a "square is the best song KTV" (贵族宝贝huange.taoktv贵族宝贝) the keyword, how to write articles in conformity to the concept of consumers, are worth reading, let the click rate can be maintained at a level of the article, this is a process of play of the imagination, and is not a simple copy and paste posts can be fun, so actually play the Shanghai dragon imagination can bring opportunities for you, do not miss.

Shanghai dragon ranking war, and how to deal with the opponent, how to use every article to lay a good battle, is actually a very funny thing. I believe every Shanghai dragon who have their own tasks, many people in order to complete the task and complete the task, and did not know the value of their own, do not understand in fact each keyword ranking and your articles and the chain is closely related to the Shanghai dragon. If you write the appropriate consumer tastes articles, and the chain if you are sent to the high place, which can make your keyword ranking changes are different, perhaps one or two days you can’t see the difference, but as long as the time goes by, you can clearly see your work in the end how much value. At any time to fight mental preparation, because the fall is a rated battle is of great relevance to your work, as long as you put yourself as a military officer, every day you send Shanghai Longfeng articles and the chain is your soldiers, when you know your value, you can gradually learn how to Paibingbuzhen. Eventually you will become an absolutely clear concept of people of Shanghai Longfeng nature competition, you have been in Shanghai dragon aspect has made significant progress, therefore, whether a person has a goal is very important.


two reasons: make war mentality

arbitrary imagination

One reason: Reason three >

Shanghai dragon can actually as a game to play as many people think, Shanghai dragon is very hard, after all, to the original, to send the chain, in fact, if you take these things to convert a state of mind, so you can easily play a lot, actually fell in love with Shanghai Longfeng it is very simple, as long as you don’t take it as a burden on you can, if you have a change of mind, so in front of you, is the blue sky and white clouds. I love playing in Shanghai dragon has the following three reasons, to see whether to help:

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